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A Single-Column Application For the GC Determination of Benzene in Reformulated Gasoline using a Supelco SLB-IL111 Ionic Liquid Column

The amount of benzene in gasoline is a concern because it is a known human carcinogen, and exposure to it has been linked to detrimental health effects. The challenge with the analysis lies in the complex composition of gasoline, which consists of hundreds of different compounds. Reformulated gasoline also contains additives to produce more complete combustion and subsequent lower emissions of harmful compounds. These additives accomplish this by boosting the oxygen content, and are commonly referred to as "oxygenates". Ethanol is a commonly used oxygenate. Therefore, to measure benzene in reformulated gasoline, it must be resolved from the C5-C12 aliphatic portion, other aromatics, ethanol and any method required internal standards. This typically requires the use of a two-column switching procedure.


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Techniques Used