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Sample Prep Solutions


Sample Prep Solutions

Sample Prep Solutions #8: Will QuEChERS Work for Me?

QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, Safe) is a sample preparation technique used primarily in the food industry to extract and clean up samples for instrumental analysis. Originally, the QuEChERS approach was developed for multi-residue pesticide analysis in fruits and vegetables in 2003 to replace more time-consuming and costly sample preparation techniques.


Sample Prep Solutions #7: Ion suppression in Biological Sample Analysis: You May or May Not See It but It’s There

Interferences exist in every chromatographic analysis whether they are recognized or not. Interferences can be visible in your chromatogram and present themselves as reduced peak area counts, split peaks, shoulders around the peak, or peak disappearance. Sample preparation techniques are an effective solution to fix the problems associated with your chromatograms. 


Sample Prep Solutions #6: Understanding Your Sample Preparation Options – Why “Mixing and Matching” Should Be In Your Sample Prep Tool Kit

A successful chromatographic analysis starts with the sample. Sample selection, collection, transportation, preservation, storage, and sampling protocol are all aspects of testing that need to be considered in the context of your analytical requirements. 


Sample Prep Solutions #5: Food Analysis: What’s Changing and What Are My Sample Prep Options?

While food and beverage imports and exports continue to increase, regulating bodies are taking a greater interest in these activities that can affect public health. Since the early 2000s, worldwide food imports have increased dramatically, as have their expenses. By 2010, developed nations’ cost for food imports was in excess of $600 billion


Sample Prep Solutions #3: When Just Enough is Not Enough — Part II

In my last column, we discussed ‘just enough’ sample preparation techniques, such as filtration, protein precipitation, extraction partitioning, solid-supported liquid extraction and QuEChERS. Now we will discuss when ‘just enough’ is not enough sample preparation, and a more selective technique is required. 


Sample Prep Solutions #2: ‘Just Enough’ Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is an integral part to successful chromatographic analysis. Selecting the right sample preparation technique is dependent upon analytes(s), LOD, LOQ, sample matrix, analytical instrumentation and sample size.


Sample Prep Solutions #1: New Sample Preparation Techniques Presented at PittCon 2012

Pittcon 2012 Conference and Expo returned to the Orlando County convention center in Florida, March 11-15 2012. Blanketed by amazing weather, this year’s event hosted manufacturers and laboratory suppliers, over 900 exhibitors and 1800 booths. In addition to attending the exposition conferees could attend or visit technical presentations which included podium, posters, workshops, invited, contributed talks and award symposia, view numerous company seminars and short courses.