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In this section you'll find a selection of valuable learning materials relating to the use and application of gel permeation chromatography/size-exclusion chromatography, including technical articles, applications, webinars and eSeminars.


GPC/SEC Troubleshooting #9: Baseline Column Detector Peak System -Wavy RI Baseline

Q: The baseline of my refractive index detector, RI, shows maxima and minima and looks wavy. What can be the reason for this? 


GPC/SEC Troubleshooting #8: Slow Pressure Built-up After Column (Re-)instalment

Q: I had my columns stored in the refrigerator for a few months. Now I re-installed them and the pressure of the system does not build up. What can be the reason?


GPC/SEC Troubleshooting: Unexpected Peak Shapes – Different Shapes than Others

Q: I have measured calibration standards to create a calibration curve and they look different from the manufacturer’s peaks. What is wrong?


Relevant Parameters in Developing Protein Aggregation Methods Using Yarra GFC Columns

A new high efficiency GFC column, Yarra, was recently introduced and is significantly more efficient than other GFC columns on the market. In addition to higher efficiency, Yarra columns demonstrate significantly higher inertness to ionic interactions versus other GFC columns; however, such chemical characteristics sometimes require changes to operating parameters. Performing method development for protein aggregation analysis using next-generation Yarra GFC columns will be discussed.


Molar Mass and Chemical Composition 2D Analysis for Thermoplastic Elastomers

Gradient HPLC can be hyphenated with GPC/SEC in a fully automated setup to measure molar mass and chemical composition distribution of copolymers simultaneously with highest peak capacity.


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