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Ion Chromatography


In this section you'll find a selection of valuable learning materials relating to the use and application of ion chromatography, including technical articles, applications, webinars and eSeminars.


It’s All Made of Plastic!

‘Plastic’ has become something of a dirty word. It makes us think of trash and environmental pollution, inferior quality, mass-produced goods, and excess. But if you take a look around, you will realize that a lot of the objects that surround us – including those that we couldn’t live without – are also made of plastic.


Chromate in Toys, Leather, and Potable Water

Generally speaking, chromate – Cr(VI) – is classified as allergenic, carcinogenic, and extremely toxic and is subject to strict monitoring. Cr(VI) can occur in various concentrations in different areas, e.g., drinking water, toys, or textile and leather products. Metrohm has developed ion chromatographic determination methods for determining Cr(VI) in various concentration ranges (ng/L to mg/L) with inline sample preparation techniques for various matrices. The method can be almost entirely automated. In the following we present the analysis of hexavalent chromium in toys, leather, and drinking water.


Ion chromatography: The All-rounder in the Pharmaceutical Sector

High standards have to be met by the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to drug quality and safety. These standards are documented in pharmacopoeias as officially recognized pharmaceutical rules, and published as legal tools of customer protection by authorities such as governments and medical societies. The identification of a drug depends on sensitive, reliable instruments and methods – as does the determination of the drug’s compliance with applicable regulations.