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Upcoming Webinars

Best Practices in Karl Fischer Titration

Presenters:  Bettina Straub-Jubb (Merck KgaA) and Valeria Gärtner (Mettler-Toledo GmbH)
Sponsors:  Merck KGaA and Mettler-Toledo GmbH
Date:  Thursday, 2 February, 2017
Time:  7 am PST / 10 am EST / 3 pm GMT / 4 pm CET

On-Demand Webinars

Better, Faster Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Characterization

Presenters:  Ning Tang (Application Engineer, Agilent Technologies) and Jordy Hsiao (Application Engineer, Agilent Technologies)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


SPME Method Development for Food Analysis

Presenter:  Érica A. Souza-Silva (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
Sponsor:  MilliporeSigma


Developing, Testing and Troubleshooting Chromatography Method Transfer

Presenter:  Tom Wheat (Waters Corp., USA)
Sponsor:  Waters


The Use of Thermal Desorption for the Analysis of Electronic Cigarette Aerosols

Presenters:  Justin Frosina (British American Tobacco, UK) & Caroline Widdowson (Markes International, UK)
Sponsor:  Markes International


Automated Malt Analysis using Discrete Analyzers

Presenters:  Aaron McLeod
Sponsor:  Thermo Fisher Scientific


Food for Mass Spec Thought in the Applied Markets

Presenters:  Elizabeth Almasi (MSD Applications Manager, Agilent Technologies), Melissa Churley (Applications Scientist, Agilent Technologies), Joan Stevens (Applications Scientist, Agilent Technologies) and Phil Wylie (Senior Applications Chemist, Agilent Technologies)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


Sensitive and Reliable Measurement of ortho-Phosphate in Ground and Surface Water & Measuring Phosphonates in Boiler and Cooling Water

Presenters:  by Carolin Klein (Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany) & Onur Akbulut (Merck Turkey, MENAPT+)
Sponsor:  Merck KGaA


Make Productivity Happen through Better GC Connections

Presenters:  Rachael Simon and Vanessa Abercrombie (Agilent Technologies, USA)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


Expand Your Metabolomics Horizons

Presenters:  Steven Fisher (Market Director - A&G/Life Science Research Segment, Agilent Technologies), Christine Miller (Omics Market Manager, Agilent Technologies) and Steve Madden (Software Product Manager, Agilent Technologies)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


Direct Analysis of Food and Beverages using SPME-GC-MS/MS - No Sample Cleanup, Automated and Highly Specific

Presenters:  Elena Ciceri (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Italy)
Sponsor:  Thermo Fisher Scientific


Performance of Agilent Supplies for PerkinElmer ICP-OES and ICP-MS Systems with Water, Food and Environmental Samples

Presenters:  Eric Vanclay (Agilent Technologies, Melbourne, Australia)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


Monitoring Bromethalin Poisoning in Wildlife: Analysis of Adipose Tissue using EMR-Lipid Sorbent

Presenters:  Mike Filigenzi (California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory, University of California, Davis, USA)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


Practical Experiences with Agilent’s GC/MS/MS Pesticide Analyzer: Increasing the Scope and Performance of Pesticide Testing Made Accessible to Everyone

Presenters:  Britt Maestroni (Food and Environmental Protection Laboratory, Vienna, Austria)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


Advances in HPLC of Proteins and Peptides

Presenters:  Hillel Brandes (Principal R&D Chemist, Large Molecule Bioanalytical Group, MilliporeSigma, USA)
Sponsor:  MilliporeSigma


New Developments in Ionic Liquid Capillary GC Column Technology

Presenters:  Leonard M. Sidisky (MilliporeSigma, USA)
Sponsor:  MilliporeSigma


HPAE-PAD for Prebiotic Ingredient Characterizations

Presenters:  Parul Angrish & Manali Aggrawal (Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA)
Sponsor:  Thermo Fisher Scientific


Speciation Analysis for Environmental, Food, and Industrial Testing Applications

Presenters:  Dr Hakan Gürleyük (Brooks Applied Labs, USA)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


Accelerating Large Molecule LC-MS Method Development

Presenters:  Ian Moore (Global Technical Marketing Manager, Pharma Applications, SCIEX)
Sponsor:  SCIEX


Achieving Real Productivity in Analytical Testing Labs: The Eurofins Case

Presenters:  Wim Proper (Eurofins Barneveld, Netherlands), Shane Elliott (Director of Marketing, Atomic Spectroscopy, Agilent Technologies) and Ross Ashdown (Marketing Product Manager, Agilent Technologies)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


Solutions for Regulated Pharmaceutical Instrumental Analysis with Focus on the New Chinese Pharmacopeia

Presenter:  Dr Patrik Appelblad (Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany)
Sponsor:  Merck KGaA


New Ultra Inert WAX GC Column Technology Improves Reliability of Inertness Performance

Presenter:  Ken Lynam (Senior R&D/Applications Chemist, Agilent Technologies, USA)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


Reversed Phase Method Development: Retention and Selectivity of Biphenyl Stationary Phase Chemistry

Presenter:  Dan Shollenberger (Supelco, a division of Millipore Sigma)
Sponsor:  MilliporeSigma


HPLC Fundamentals - PART I: Understanding HPLC Particle Technology

Presenter:  Jeff Layne (Manager, Product Management and Technical, Phenomenex, USA)
Sponsor:  Phenomenex


HPLC Fundamentals - PART II: A Survey of Reversed Phase-HPLC Stationary Phases – from Selectivity to Applicability

Presenter:  Jeff Layne (Manager, Product Management and Technical, Phenomenex, USA)
Sponsor:  Phenomenex


HPLC Fundamentals - PART III: Basic HPLC Troubleshooting and Column Care

Presenter:  Scott Krepich (Technical Manager, Phenomenex, USA)
Sponsor:  Phenomenex


Applying ICP-MS to Speciation and Quantitative Analysis of Arsenic in Foodstuffs and Beverages

Presenters:  Antonio Signes-Pastore (Queen's University, Belfast, UK) & Simon Nelms (Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK)
Sponsor:  Thermo Fisher Scientific


Critical Choices: Tips & Tricks for GC Methods

Presenters:  Tim Anderson (Phenomenex, USA)
Sponsor:  Phenomenex


Novel Approach to Sample Preparation for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Dry Botanical Dietary Ingredients

Presenters:  Katarzyna Banaszewski (NOW Foods, USA)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


Improved LC-MS/MS Pesticide Multiresidue Analysis using Triggered MRM and On-Line Dilution

Presenters:  Dr Katerina Mastovska (Covance Laboratories, Greenfield, Indiana, USA)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies