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Separation Science has created and broadcast a number of eSeminars covering new methods, applications and practical guidance across various industry sectors. Many are available in on-demand format, and all are listed below:


On-Demand eSeminars

Advances in Forensics & Toxicology

Presenters:  Christophe Stove (Laboratory of Toxicology, Ghent University, Belgium), Laura Tretzel and Andreas Thomas (Center for Preventive Doping Research / Institute of Biochemistry, German Sport University Cologne, Germany), Oliver Lerch (GERSTEL GmbH & Co. KG, Muelheim, Germany), Tobias Kieliba (Institute of Legal Medicine, Medical Faculty, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany), Bjoern Moosmann (Institute of Forensic Medicine Freiburg, University of Freiburg, Germany), Uwe Aulwurm and Angelika Köpf (LCTech GmbH, Dorfen, Germany), George Hime (Miami-Dade Medical Examiner Dept., Toxicology Laboratory, USA)
Sponsors:  Bruker, Gerstel, Shimadzu


Applications and New Developments in ICP-MS and Related Techniques

Presenters:  Guillermo Grindlay and Juan Mora (Analytical Atomic Spectrometry Group, University of Alicante, Spain), Lieve Balcaen (Ghent University, Belgium), Aubrey Galusha and Patrick Parsons(Laboratory of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, New York State Department of Health, USA), Diane Beauchemin (Queen's University, Canada), Simon Nelms (Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK), James F. Ranville (Department of Chemistry & Geochemistry, Colorado School of Mines, USA)


Advances in Food Safety Analysis – Contaminants, Toxins & Allergens

Presenters:  Michael Walker (LGC, UK), John E. Jones III (BASF Corporation, Environmental Fate and Residue), Wilhad M. Reuter (PerkinElmer Health Sciences, USA), Daniel Beach (National Research Council Canada), Lucie Humbert (SCL, Montpellier, France), Natasha Spadafora (Markes International/ Cardiff University), Laura McGregor (Markes International), Kathy Ridgway (Anatune Ltd, UK)
Sponsors:  Bruker, Markes International, PerkinElmer, SCIEX


Advances in Environmental Analysis

Presenters:  Jonathan J. Grandy (University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), Craig Marvin (Agilent Technologies, USA), John Entwisle and Dmitriy Malinovskiy (LGC, UK), Lee Marotta (PerkinElmer, USA), Jamie Brown (MilliporeSigma,USA), Carol Meyer (Orsat, LLC, USA), Roberta Provosta (Pace Analytical Services, USA), Nicola Watson (Markes International, USA)
Sponsors:  Agilent Technologies, Markes International, PerkinElmer


Advances in Food Safety Analysis – Fraud & Authenticity

Presenters:  Bert Popping (Mérieux NutriSciences Corp., France), Josep Rubert (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic), Sharon Palmer (PerkinElmer, UK), Vahid Mojtahed (Fera Science Ltd, UK), Selvarani Elahi (Deputy Government Chemist, UK), Michael Walker (LGC, UK), Robert Packer (PerkinElmer, USA), Saskia van Ruth (RIKILT Institute of Food Safety, Wageningen UR, Netherlands), Kate Kemsley (Institute for Food Research, UK), Helen Kendall (University of Newcastle, UK)
Sponsors:  PerkinElmer, SCIEX