This article from Issue 9 of the Analytix Reporter, produced by Merck, explains the role of reliable phytochemical reference materials in assuring the quality control of herbal medicinal products. It outlines recent additions to the PhytoLab reference materials and launch of a Cerilliant® Certified Reference Material solution for ginger

gingerHerbal medicinal products and plant-sourced dietary supplements are enjoying an increasing popularity all over the globe. But the complex and variable composition of botanicals, makes their efAnalytix_Reporter_Issue9_Article5_FBficient quality control a big challenge and the products vulnerable to adulteration.

The analysis of only a few markers might not always be sufficient to ensure the safety and quality of botanical products. Therefore, the availability of well characterized reference materials of the most relevant plant constituents is crucial. A wide selection of close to 2000 reference materials of phytochemicals is on offer. A big part of this portfolio consists of phyproof® reference materials, which are manufactured and qualified by the company PhytoLab based in Germany. This range has recently been considerably expanded.

New phytochemical certified reference mix for ginger components
For the quality control of herbal medicinal products usually various key components are tested rather than just a single marker compound. To save time and expenses spent on purchasing the components and produce a working standard multi-component solution mix, a range of convenient ready to use mixes for key components of some of the most common herbal medicinal products are available.

The complete range of phytochemical CRM mixes can be found at
The entire offering of phytochemical reference materials, including standards and certified reference materials in neat and solution form, and the reference materials of plant extracts and essential oils, can be found by compound class or by plant genus at

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