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Qualitative - Quantitative - General Unknown - A SWATH® based All-in-One Workflow in Forensic Toxicology?

presented by Michael Potzsch
The market for illegal and controlled substances is subject to fast and dynamic changes - their detection requires fast and flexible analytical methods especially with reference material often not available. This webinar offers an insight into the opportunities and pitfalls during method development and applications of SWATH DIA HRMS methods in forensic toxicology. 

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Comparative Peptide Mapping Between Two Manufacturers of Trastuzumab using The X500B QTOF System

Here a simple, rapid methodology to characterize and quantify differences between biotherapeutic batches, using high-resolution peptide mapping by LC-MS is described.

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Ionic Metabolites:
A Challenge for IC-MS?

presented by Detlef Jensen

In this on-demand webinar we present the practical considerations of coupling an IC with an MS, how this could be easily achieved and the advantages offered for the analysis of ionic metabolites.

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Analysis of Tryptic Digests of a mAb and an ADC

Agilent_March17.pngMonoclonal antibodies have emerged as important therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. The successes of mAbs have triggered the development of various next-generation formats ADCs, which enable highly toxic drugs to be selectively delivered to tumor cells.

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