Feature Presentation

Rapid Analysis of Fipronil and Fipronil Sulfone in Eggs using LC-MS and GC-MS

presented by Michal Godula

In this webinar a quick and simple method is presented for the determination of fipronil and fipronil sulfone in eggs using a modified QuEChERS acetonitrile extraction protocol, followed by LC-MS/MS or GC-MS/MS determination.

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Upcoming Webinar

Tracing the Origin of an Apple:
Metabolic Profiling using Q-TOF Mass Spectrometry

Wagner_Lazlo.png22 February, 2018
presented by Franz Siegfried Wagner and Laszo Toelgyesi

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High-Throughput Aroma Analysis of Food Products Using Direct MS

DPVLWeb.png14 March, 2018
presented by Diandree Padayachee and Vaughan Langford

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On-demand Webinars

Fast, Accurate and Sensitive Detection of Trace Organic Contaminants in Water
Dorothy_Terri.pngpresented by Dorothy Yang and Terri Sosienski

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A Robust Analysis of Glyphosate and other Polar Pesticides in Food and Feed
WimBroer.pngpresented by Wim Broer

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Coupling IC to High Resolution Accurate MS for the Fast and Robust Analysis of Anionic Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables

LukaszRajski.pngpresented by Łukasz Rajski

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How to Achieve Routine Quantitative Pesticide Analysis in Food Matrices using a GC/Q-TOF

Klaus_Wilmers_80.pngpresented by Dr Klaus Wilmers

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Featured Application

Flavour Profiling of Various Beverages Using Sorptive Extraction and TD-GC-MS

Milk_v3.pngMarkes International has produced a series of application notes that provide detailed studies of flavour profiling of a variety of beverages by high-capacity sorptive extraction with analysis by TD–GC–MS. The beverages under investigation were milk, filter coffee, herbal infusions, alchoholic spirits and premium teas.

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