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Developing, Testing and Troubleshooting Chromatography Method Transfers

presented by Thomas Wheat

We will describe the steps in moving to new instrumentation as well as the role of information rich detectors in confirming a successful transfer that preserves analytical quality and accuracy. The more challenging process of migrating a method to more modern instruments and column chemistry will also be considered.

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HPLC Solutions

All Columns are NOT Created Equal

I have a validated stability-indicating assay that uses one manufacturer’s C18 column. Will changing columns invalidate the method?

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High- or Low-Pressure Mixing?

Which is better, high-pressure mixing or low-pressure mixing? 

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On-demand Webinar

Advances in HPLC of Proteins and Peptides

presented by Hillel Brandes

This webinar will present new particle technologies and their application to the separation of proteins and peptides, with an emphasis on reversed-phase and size exclusion chromatography of biotherapeutics.

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Service is the Key

Understanding the importance of maintaining your equipment correctly.

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The Importance of Signal-to-Noise

The signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) is an important variable that may influence the performance of your method.

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