Upcoming eSeminar

Trends and Applications in the Analysis of Biotherapeutics & Biosimilars

Biosim_eSem_icon.png26 & 28 September, 2017
in collaboration with Agilent Technologies

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent Technologies, has developed an eSeminar covering analytical trends and novel applications of chromatography and mass spectrometry to the characterization of biotheapeutics and biosimilars.

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Featured Applications

Cleaning Validation for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing by Online SFE-SFC

Shimadzu_Jan17.pngShimadzu has produced a paper that evaluates the application of a novel on-line supercritical fluid extraction/chromatography system for cleaning validation in pharmaceutical manufacturing.The benefits of online SFE/SFC are shown to be data reliability and the streamlining of laboratory processes.

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Featured Presentation

Accelerating Large Molecule LC-MS Method Development

presented by Ian Moore

This presentation will demonstrate how to achieve rapid development of sensitive and selective peptide bioanalytical methods that are required to support the expanding protein component of pharmaceutical companies’ drug pipeline.

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LC Analysis of Vitamin D Epimers on Raptor FluoroPhenyl Columns

Restek_March17.pngVitamin D analysis has increased dramatically in clinical practice due to its association with multiple human diseases including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. Restek has produced an application note demonstrating how the Raptor FluoroPhenyl column is a good choice for vitamin D analysis as opposed to C18 columns.

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