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Gas ChromatographyOn-demandWebinarVanessa Abercrombie (Agilent Technologies), Samuel Haddad (Agilent Technologies) and Diane Turner (Anthias Consulting Ltd)

Ask the Agilent Experts – Part 4: GC and GC/MS Scientists Discuss & Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

We will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about GC and GCMS that we have received. Some may seem like simple questions, but they have...

On-demandPharmaceutical AnalysisWebinarChongming Liu (SGS Health Science) and Sven Hackbusch (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Practical strategies to decrease uncertainty in comprehensive extractables and leachables analysis by LC/MS

In extractables studies, LC/UV/MS is commonly used to detect and annotate the non-volatile fraction of compounds. In this presentation, we discuss the challenges associated with these analyses...

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