Alternative Carrier Gas for GC and GC-MS

by | Mar 22, 2018

Peak Scientific offers a presentation looking at alternatives to helium as carrier gases for GC.

Separation Science, in collaboration with Peak Scientific, is pleased to offer an on-demand presentation addressing potential alternatives to helium as a carrier gas in GC analysis. 

Helium has been the preferred carrier gas for GC applications for decades, but recently supply shortages and increasing costs have encouraged GC analysts to use alternative carrier gases, where possible.

EdOConnor_Email.pngThis on-demand presentation, given by Dr Ed Connor, will discuss recent developments in the helium gas market and show how alternative carrier gases, such as hydrogen and nitrogen can be used in place of helium.

Tips and tricks to enable labs to more easily switch carrier gas to hydrogen or nitrogen for GC and GC-MS applications as well as examples of revalidated methods will be presented.

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Introducing the GC Gas Calculator

Peak Scientific has created a unique online calculation tool to help laboratories, which use GC to quickly find the ideal gas solution for their specific GC instrument. 

  • The ‘GC Gas Calculator’ consists of 6 simple questions regarding a user’s GC instrument, such as the number and type of GCs, detectors, columns and injectors.
  • These questions can be quickly and easily answered to determine the best gas supply solution for the GC instrument indicated. 
  • The user-friendly calculator is free to use and generates a simple report which Peak Scientific will provide to anyone who uses the calculator.

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