Upcoming Webinars

Characterization of Polymeric Excipients with Size Exclusion Chromatography and Light Scattering

AndrewMeyer.png21 September, 2017
presented by Andrew Meyer

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Enhanced Cleanroom Air Quality Monitoring for Airborne Molecular Contaminants Using SIFT-MS

VLYM_Syft.png27 September, 2017
presented by Vaughan Langford and Yatin Mange

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Complete and Smart Solutions for Your Fatty Acids, FAMEs & Oils Analysis 

GSerrano_60.png18 & 19 October, 2017
presented by Gustavo Serrano

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Cryogen-Free Analysis of Trace-Level EPA TO-15 ‘Air Toxics’ in Humid Air

Dave_60.png19 October, 2017
presented by David Wevill

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Featured Applications

Analysis of Organophosphorus Pesticides in Milk Using SPME and GC-MS/MS

Shimadzu_March17.pngThis application note describes development of a fully automated SPME extraction method combined with GC-MS/MS analysis for detection and quantitation of OP pesticides in a complex milk matrix.

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Innovative Cryogen-free Ambient Air Monitoring in Compliance with US EPA Method TO-15

Markes_April17.pngThis application note describes the GC–MS analysis of humidified canister ‘air toxics’ samples at various relative humidities, using cryogen-free systems for thermal desorption preconcentration.

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Upcoming eSeminar

Trends and Applications in the Analysis of Biotherapeutics & Biosimilars

Biosim_eSem_icon.png26 & 28 September, 2017
in collaboration with Agilent Technologies

An eSeminar covering analytical trends and novel applications of chromatography and mass spectrometry to the characterization of biotheapeutics and biosimilars.

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On-demand Webinars

Qualitative - Quantitative - General Unknown - A SWATH® based All-in-One Workflow in Forensic Toxicology?

MichaelPotzsch.pngpresented by Michael Potzsch

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Analysis of Dioxin Compounds in Water by Isotope Dilution GC/MS/MS

HuiLin_60.pngpresented by Hui Lin

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Coupling IC to High Resolution Accurate MS for the Fast and Robust Analysis of Anionic Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables

LukaszRajski.pngpresented by Łukasz Rajski

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Simple Strategies for GC/MS Success

Rachael_Simon_80.pngpresented by Rachael Simon

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On-demand Webinars

Overcoming the Challenges of Accurate Water Determination: Expert Advice from a Karl Fischer Titration Veteran

DougClark_Web.pngpresented by Doug Clark

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Arsenic Speciation Comes of Age: Validating Robust and High Throughput Methods for Various Food Matrices

Kevin_Kubachka.pngpresented by Dr Kevin Kubachka, Dr Susan Ebeler, Courtney Tanabe and Dr Jenny Nelson

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Ionic Metabolites: A Challenge for IC-MS?

DetlefJensen_Web.pngpresented by Dr Detlef Jensen

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UV-vis Spectrophotometric Analysis of Water, Food, and Beverages

CaroKlein_Work.pngpresented by Carolin Klein, Rick Blankemeier and Abebe Belay Gemta
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