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Featured Webinars & eSeminars

This is How you ICP-MS: Mastering the Art of Cone Performance

18 September (North America & Asia Pacific) | 19 September (Europe)

Gareth Pearson (Agilent Technologies, Melbourne, Australia)

Interface cones are integral to the performance of your ICP-MS. This presentation will guide you through selecting the right cones for your Agilent ICP-MS and for your laboratory’s applications. It will help you understand what impact the cone has on the analysis results and why you should choose genuine supplies for your ICP-MS. Finally, we will guide you through the best practice for cone maintenance.

Which IC-MS to Choose for Your Drinking Water Analysis: From Perchlorate and Inorganic Ions to Disinfections Byproducts and Beyond

20 September (Europe & Asia Pacific) | 21 September (North & South America)

Alexander Semyonov, Ph.D. Product Management & Product Marketing, IC-MS, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Municipal drinking water and waste water facilities all around the world need to analyse water for a wide range of regulated contaminants, many of which happen to be polar, such as inorganic anions and cations. Traditionally, these contaminants have been analysed using ion chromatography with conductivity detection. The requirements for lower reporting levels mean that water testing laboratories need more selective and sensitive analysis techniques, such as ion chromatography-mass spectrometry (IC-MS).

Tracing the Origin of Food: Establish Food Authenticity using Elemental Profiling

26 September

Susan Ebeler and Courtney Tanabe (UC Davis, USA)

Elemental profiling using ICP-MS, ICP-OES, and MP-AES has been proposed as an approach for geographic authentication of various foods and beverages. Using these approaches, we have demonstrated that the elemental profiles of coffee beans, wine, and whiskeys vary across a range of geographic scales (i.e., across different countries, and different regions within a country or state).

Elevate the Performance of your GC (and MS): Strategies to Improve Sensitivity and Reliability with Complex Matrix Samples

3 October (Europe & North America) | 4 October (Asia Pacific)

Vanessa Abercrombie and Limian Zhao (Agilent Technologies, USA)

We will discuss useful strategies, including choosing the right GC column and supplies, as well as what level of sample preparation, and maintenance is required for method reliability and analytical data quality, using challenging representative applications such as PAHs in salmon oil and pesticides in fatty matrices

Everything You Need to Know About Karl Fischer Titration

4 October

Agnieszka Kossakowska (Honeywell Research Chemicals) and Michael Margreth (Metrohm)

After viewing this presentation, you will know how to perform accurate Karl Fischer titrations, how to properly use and store your reagents, and how to use and maintain your titration equipment correctly.

New Methods & Applications in Environmental Analysis

9 & 11 October

Lee Marotta (PerkinElmer), Ceara MacInnis (Environment and Climate Change Canada), Carol Meyer (Orsat LLC), Marvin Shaw (University of York, UK)

Separation Science, in collaboration with PerkinElmer, has developed a multi-speaker eSeminar covering methods and applications in environmental analysis. This two-session event will provide analytical scientists and laboratory managers/directors working in this field with access to leading techniques, best practice and robust methods from leading scientists in the field.

New Trends, Methods & Applications in Food Safety Analysis

On-Demand eSeminar

Multi-presenter event

Separation Science, in collaboration with PerkinElmer and Waters, has developed an on-demand multi-speaker eSeminar covering trends, methods and applications of analytical techniques in food safety analysis. Presented by Bert Popping (FOCOS, Germany), Ilka Haase (Eurofins Genomics, Germany), Ellen Miseo (Teak Origin, USA), Sara Stead (Waters), Jacqueline van der Wielen (Mars Wrigley Confectionary), Melanie Downs and Philip Johnson (Food Allergy Research and Resource Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Chiara Dall'Asta (University of Parma and European Food Safety Authority) and Alessandro Baldi Talini (PerkinElmer)

Modern Trends, Methods & Applications in Sample Preparation

On-Demand eSeminar

Multi-presenter event

Separation Science, in collaboration with Biotage, has developed a multi-speaker eSeminar covering trends, methods and applications of sample preparation techniques. Presented by Steven J. Lehotay (USDA Agricultural Research Service), Antonio Martín-Esteban (Department of Environment, INIA, Madrid), Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard (School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo), Dan Menasco (Applications Chemist, Biotage), Markus Gershater (Chief Scientific Officer, Synthace).

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Featured Videos & Tutorials

Expert Series: Ion Chromatography Fundamentals

Online Tutorial

Dr Joachim Weiss, Ph.D (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

We kick off the Expert Series with tutorials Ion Chromatography fundamentals by Technology Expert, Dr Joachim Weiss, Ph.D, on a comprehensive introduction of IC, comparisons of competing methods, basics of anion-exchange and cation-exchange, and various detection methods.

GPC / SEC Good Practice & Troubleshooting Tutorials

Online Tutorial

Dr Daniela Held (PSS)

In this learning series, you'll be provided with video tutorials discussing the best practice and troubleshooting solutions for gel permeation chromatography / size exclusion chromatography: 1) What Should You Know Before Injecting Your First Sample, 2) Pressure Problems, 3) Unexpected Peak Shapes and 4) Choosing the Column.

Conversations with world renowned IC Expert

Interview Series

Professor Pernendu (Sandy) K. Dasgupta, University of Texas in Arlington

In a series of special video interviews done recently, Professor Pernendu (Sandy) K. Dasgupta, University of Texas in Arlington, shared his thoughts on IC including topics such as origins and possible developments of reagent-free IC, why perchlorate and ambient ion monitoring.

Featured Educational Resources

Shimadzu 'Excellence in Science' portal

Educational micro-site


The Shimadzu 'Excellence in Science' portal, a collaboration between Separation Science and Shimadzu where you will find links to useful information and resources relevant to analytical scientists working across pharmaceutical, food, environmental and clinical disciplines.

HPLC, LC-MS, GC and CE training

Self-paced 0nline training

Analytical Training Solutions

Each course on Analytical Training Solutions has been divided into a number of modules, with each module focusing on one particular aspect of the overall course. The modules have been created in a logical manner, and by starting with the first module and working through them in the order provided creates the best learning environment for the user. In addition, as each course is divided into modules it is then very simple to find a particular section again in the future; for example, if you want a recap on a particular subject.

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