This on-demand presentation discusses the fundamentals of LC-MS technology and how this can be utilized in your everyday workflows. 


Format: On-demand

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

LC-MS/MS is a powerful quantitative and qualitative tool that has many advantages over other analytical techniques in terms of sensitivity, specificity, and versatility. 

The discussion ranges from the basics of LC separations to the implementation of high-resolution mass spectrometry, including data acquisition and review. A comprehensive overview of method development is provided, together with help to simply your processes and answers to frequently asked questions on the subject.

LC-MS technology today is used around the world for a vast variety of testing – from developing new medicines to ensuring the quality of your drinking water and the authenticity of the foods you eat. 

By viewing this presentation you will learn:

  • The fundamentals and theory of mass spectrometry (MS) including how to improve separation with liquid chromatography (LC), as well as key terms and techniques.
  • Need-to-know information about the fundamentals and terminology for accurate mass technology.
  • Effective data processing: See how easy it is to get from data to results.
  • Simplifying workflow solutions with SCIEX OS software: Tips and tricks to enhance efficiency in data processing and power up your workflow.
  • Method development: Provides a backbone workflow for method development with tips and tricks to make your process easier.

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The Presenters

Jack_80CJack Steed
Senior Technical Specialist, SCIEX
Jack joined SCIEX in 2019 as a technical specialist. His main responsibilities include the creation and proliferation of technical marketing content such as application notes and presentations as well as having a strong focus on the pharma market and small molecule analysis. Prior to joining SCIEX, Jack was employed by a CRO working mainly in small molecule method development and validation, with an emphasis on LC and LC-MS analysis.

Jessica_CJessica Smith
Senior Technical Marketing Specialist, SCIEX
Jessica joined SCIEX in 2021 as a technical marketing specialist; her responsibilities include managing projects throughout EMEAI and creating new technical marketing content.
Before joining SCIEX, Jessica worked at Thermo Fisher Scientific as a research and development scientist. Her focus was column development and biopharma applications. Jessica also studied for a Ph.D. in materials chemistry for environmental applications.


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Published  Jan 12, 2023

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