Analysis of honey and sugars in honey by HPTLC

by | Jun 1, 2021

CAMAG Bibliography Service (CBS 126) covers a universal system suitability test and the fast analysis of sugars in honey by using HPTLC PRO System.

Separation Science, in collaboration with CAMAG®, is pleased to present Issue 1, 2021 of its CAMAG Bibliography Service (CBS 126). The articles in this issue cover topics including the analysis of honey by HPTLC, a universal system suitability test for HPTLC and the fast analysis of sugars in honey by using the company's HPTLC PRO System.

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Analysis of Honey by HPTLC
The research team at the University of Western Australia (UWA), Division of Pharmacy, in collaboration with the Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products Limited (CRC-HBP) has developed an HPTLC based real-time honey assessment tool for beekeepers and packers to determine a honey’s floral source alongside the collation of key phytochemical parameters and bioactivity data for a wide range of Australian honeys.
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Universal HPTLC Mix: The Rise of a Novel Concept for System Suitability Test
The laboratory teams of CAMAG and Anchrom worked together to create a new universal system suitability test (SST) concept for HPTLC to address the needs of clients for routine analysis. The Universal HPTLC Mix (UHM) provides HPTLC laboratories with a single solution, applicable as SST to a wide range of chromatographic systems, with different polarities and selectivities.
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Fast Analysis of Sugars in Honey by Using the HPTLC PRO System
This article introduces a new method developed for the HPTLC PRO System that allows main sugars in honey to be investigated in a short time and other sugars, such as oligomers present in fermentation processes, to be analysed at the same time. HPTLC allows quantification of sugars in honey and other complex matrices at low running costs.
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