In the face of stricter regulations of PFAS and other emerging contaminants, staying up-to-date on the latest analytical methods for environmental and drinking water testing is critical. Separation Science, in collaboration with PerkinElmer, is helping scientists navigate this shifting landscape with Analytical Solutions for Environmental Testing – an eBook that gathers significant new application notes into one easy-to-access package


  • Methods for PFAS analysis

Learn about the challenges of analyzing PFAS with chromatography and mass spectrometry, and review current anti-contamination strategies for reaching part-per-quadrillion detection limits. Review updated regulatory frameworks and testing methods from both EPA and EU directives. And read about the best LC and MS techniques for increasing throughput.

  • Analyzing microplastics in water

FT-IR spectroscopy has emerged as the preferred standard for microplastic testing. With fast data capture and the ability to identify polymers based on unique vibrational signals, FT-IR can tackle microplastic testing in a wide range of aquatic systems. Discover how to run standard interlaboratory tests using the PerkinElmer Spotlight 400 FT-IR microscopy and imaging system.

  • Seawater analysis using ICP-MS

Finding heavy elements in seawater resembles the proverbial needle in a haystack – high amounts of total dissolved solids (TDS) makes this one of the more difficult sample matrices. However, direct analysis of trace elements in seawater is now possible using ICP-MS. Find out how multi-quadrupole instruments offer exceptional detection limits, accuracy, and long-term stability.

  • Drinking water analysis using HPLC-IS-MS and LC/MS/MS 

New regulations have put trace elements, such as selenium (Se), under the testing spotlight. Because selenium exists in several oxidation states within both organic and inorganic contaminants, using HPLC-IS-MS instruments capable of speciating trace elements is essential for modern drinking water analysis. 

Organic contaminants in water samples can exhibit a wide range of polarities, requiring different ionization techniques. Learn how dual source LC/MS/MS instruments including the PerkinElmer QSight™ can meet such ionization challenges. Study practical examples of improvements to LC/MS/MS methods needed to stay compliant with new European regulations of acrylamide in drinking water

  • White papers on drinking water regulations

Discover key insights into United States regulatory requirements with “Mitigation of PFAS in Drinking Water Through Analytical Innovation”, a white paper that reveals the latest analytical innovations to optimize PFAS analysis, as required by EPA Methods 533 and 537.1. Likewise, the white paper “A Review of EU Drinking Water Regulations” provides an overview of proposed new drinking water standards in Europe.

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You will also be able to access bonus content including "Technology Trends in the Environmental Testing Laboratory" -- an article that takes a forward-seeking analysis of current and future challenges impacting testing facilities. One key issue involves best practices for unexpected event planning, from pandemics to natural disasters to bureaucratic changes.

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Published  Jun 2, 2023

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