Applications for HPLC Analysis

by | Jun 29, 2022

Application notes to improve your HPLC analysis and that demonstrate the use of a UHPLC method development system offering fast method development.

These latest application notes cover a wide range of subjects for HPLC analysis such as separation of water-soluble vitamins, high-throughput bottom-up proteome profiling, mRNA impurity determination, high-throughput analysis of oligonucleotides and characterization of lipid nanoparticle composition. If you're looking to enhance your HPLC analyses, these application notes will be of interest.


the applications demonstrate the use of a UHPLC method development system offering fast method development and include...

Thermo_App1Accelerated method development for the separation of water-soluble vitamins by RP-HPLC with UV detection using an empirical approach to predict separation
This note will demonstrate the application of a software-based method development approach for the advanced separation of all known water-soluble vitamins in reversed-phase mode with ultraviolet detection.

Thermo_App3A UHPLC method development system for efficient scouting of chromatographic elution parameters
This note shows the straightforward method development capabilities of the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ UHPLC platform in combination with Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ 7.2 Chromatography Data System (CDS) Software.


Vanquish Neo UHPLC system sets new performance standards for single-shot nanoLCMS bottom-up proteomics
Discover how deep dive proteomics research employing nanoLCMS based analytical systems continues to play a pivotal role in discovery proteomics.


Fast, sensitive, and reproducible nano- and capillary-flow LCMS methods for high−throughput proteome profiling using the Vanquish Neo UHPLC system hyphenated with the Orbitrap Exploris 480 MS
This note demonstrates the performance of the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Neo UHPLC System coupled to a Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Exploris™ 480 Mass Spectrometer for high-throughput bottom−up proteome profiling.


High-throughput analysis of oligonucleotides using a single quadrupole mass spectrometer for quality control
The goal of this work is to show step-by-step the analysis, deconvolution, and reporting of oligonucleotide synthesis quality control with a single quadrupole mass detector.



Characterization of lipid nanoparticle (LNP) composition using UHPLC-CAD
This note outlines the development of a simple UHPLC method for the characterization of the lipid content of LNP formulations. It demonstrates implementation of the universal CAD detector to quantify large non-chromophoric lipids present in the LNP structure.


Simultaneous reversed-phase and anion-exchange method scouting with a dual system for mRNA impurity determination
This note determines the most suitable conditions for the detection of post-transcriptional impurities in mRNA with a time-effective scouting approach.


Plus you can also download the 'Application Compendium' 

Thermo_App_Compendium_2Successful and stress-free LC method transfers
This compendium offers an all-in-one resource to help tackle the common instrument challenges faced during method transfers to obtain consistent results and sustain regulatory compliance.




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