Asia-Oceania Mass Spectrometry Conference 2020

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The Asia-Oceania Mass Spectrometry Conference (AOMSC), held from 5th-7th January 2020, Macau, is a conference collaboratively organized by the Mass Spectrometry societies in the Asia/Oceania region. The overall theme of the conference is “The Art and Science of Mass Spectrometry, from Fundamentals to Applications.

AOMSC 2020 Conference Macau

The conference strives to showcase the best Mass Spectrometry research from around Asia and Oceania whilst also nurturing the next generation of scientists through special educational sessions and the traditional Young Scientist Forum.

This year, the Hong Kong Society of Mass Spectrometry, the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences at the University of Macau, the Hong Kong Proteomics Society and the Macau Pharmacological Society are proud to be co-hosting the 8th meeting of this conference at the University of Macau, Macau, from 5th-7th January 2020.

The overall theme of the conference is “The Art and Science of Mass Spectrometry, from Fundamentals to Applications” and scientific sessions within this theme will span three days, including six plenary-style educational/introductory talks delivered by distinguished scientists from Asia, Oceania, and beyond.

All conference delegates will have the opportunity to submit scientific abstracts for oral and poster presentations. A number of commercial sponsors will also be exhibiting their wares and delivering lunchtime symposiums on their products and solutions. The conference anticipates playing host to 300 delegates from around the world.

Pre-conference: 3rd-4th January 2020

The pre-conference begins with two parallel one-day courses delivered by world experts in their fields: “Ion Mobility and Ion Spectroscopy: Advanced Structural Elucidation in Conjunction with Mass Spectrometry” by Prof. Jos Oomens and Prof. Alexandre Shvartsburg and “An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics” by Prof. Gavin Reid and Prof. Qingsong Lin.

The second day of the pre-conference program will feature the Young Scientist Forum, where students and postdocs will have the opportunity to deliver oral presentations to their peers, along with a panel of experts.

The day will close with a Career Development Forum where leading figures from academia and industry will discuss and answer questions about the opportunities available for the next generation of Mass Spectrometrists.

Conference: 5th-7th January 2020

The conference will cater to a broad variety of Mass Spectrometry-based fields, providing opportunities to explore the following topics via plenary-style educational talks, oral presentations and posters:

• Metabolomics and Lipidomics

• Proteomics

• Bioinformatics and Computational Methods

• Structural Biology

• FAIMS, IMS, DMS Developments

• Ambient Ionization Methods

• MS Instrumentation

• Atomic MS / Metallomics

• Environmental and Atmospheric Mass Spectrometry

• Fundamental Mass Spectrometry

• Gaseous Biomolecules, Gas Phase Ion Chemistry and Spectroscopy

• Drug Discovery

• Doping and Toxicology

• Clinical Proteomics

• Traditional Chinese Medicine

Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Mass Spectrometry.


Published  Oct 9, 2019

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