To develop a more in-depth understanding of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, this course module describes common GC-MS detectors.

You should take this course if you are a user of gas chromatographs who is looking to further develop their method development and troubleshooting skills in GC-MS. A key demographic are companies that provide their employees with the yearly skill set development objectives. Even though supported by management, fulfilment of these objectives is difficult to accomplish through traditional training due to scheduling issues and frequent work-related interruptions. The online tutorial approach provides a unique solution by being accessible from anywhere with internet access, and at any time.


This course covers:

The various detectors used in mass spectrometry are described. Design features that reduce background noise are presented as well as are the general concept of electron multiplication and how to spot imminent detector failure before it is too late.

By attending this online training course you should be more efficient and comfortable at setting up, troubleshooting, verifying performance, acquiring and interpreting GC-MS data. As with “Introduction to GC” and “Intermediate GC” courses, the GC-MS course is organized into chapters and modules. The chapters focus on given themes and the modular structure underneath exposes students to subtopics within time-efficient segments.

This module has a complementary quiz. By correctly answering the quiz questions for all of the modules as part of the course you will be able to download your certificate of completion. Types of questions to expect are:

  • What do the most common detectors for mass spectrometry contain?
  • What does off-axis detectors help to minimize?
  • How does high energy dynodes improve?
  • What does electron multiplier voltage leads to?
  • What does a quick rise in electron multiplier voltage in back-to-back tunes indicate?


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Published  Mar 27, 2023

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