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Separation Science, in collaboration with CAMAG®, is pleased to present Issue 2 of its CAMAG Bibliography Service (CBS 127). The articles cover topics around multivariate data analysis of aroma precursors in cocoa and coffee varieties, diagnostic of fabry biomarkers in human plasma, parallel (non-targeted) detection of estrogenic and androgenic activities in wastewater, and use of quantified Reference Extracts for identification of plant materials and for quantification of markers by HPTLC fingerprinting. 

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Articles covered in this issue include:-

High-throughput Analysis of Aroma Precursors in Cocoa and Coffee
The objectives of this study were firstly to develop a protocol for the quantification of non-volatile compounds in cocoa and coffee, and secondly, to analyze and compare cocoa and coffee varieties from diverse geographical origins cultivated in controlled conditions and harvested at full maturity.

Use of Quantified Reference Extracts for Herbal Materials
Quality control of herbal drugs, extracts and products is a challenging task because it requires proper identification and determination of content of active compounds or markers. The goal of this work was to elaborate examples for using qRE for identification of plant materials and quantification of markers.

Parallel Detection of Estrogenic and Androgenic Activity
In this article the authors show the parallel biological detection of estrogenicity and androgenicity in HPTLC-separated sample components using newly generated biosensors based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Fabry-related Biomarkers in Human Plasma
Fabry disease is a severe genetic disease of lysosomal deposition produced by malfunction of an enzyme (α-galactosidase A), which results in a gradual accumulation of Gb3, among other metabolites, in body fluids. The objective of this work is to assess whether an HPTLC-densitometry-MS approach using the TLC-MS Interface 2 is adequate to determine Fabry biomarkers related to Gb3 in human plasma.

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Published  Feb 11, 2022

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