Looking to improve the quality of your milk analysis? Find out about new certified reference materials for fully intact milk proteins... 

Infant formula is an industrially produced milk substitute designed for infant consumption that attempts to mimic the nutritional composition of breast milk as closely as possible, and is usually based on cow’s milk or soy milk. Human and bovine milk differ substantially in the ratio of whey to casein protein, with whey protein content in human milk being significantly higher. Because of the differences in the protein profiles of human milk and infant formula, amino acid profiles also differ. An important goal in the improvement of infant formulas is to more closely match the total protein content and the protein profile of human milk.

Merck has developed Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) of fully intact milk proteins that allow accurate testing of the most critical proteins in infant formula; help labs to develop and test infant formula products with high accuracy, while ensuring legal and regulatory compliance; and support food and beverage manufacturers implement and routinely perform quality assurance and quality control programs with accuracy and confidence.

The new full-length protein CRMs are suitable as starting material for use in calibrators or controls for a variety of LC-MS/MS testing applications including allergen testing, infant formula testing, dietary, or nutritional testing applications.

Published  May 29, 2019

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