Discover a Faster and Greener QuEChERS Methodology for The Extraction of Biological Samples   

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Would you like to gain an understanding about the modified QuEChERS extraction of biological samples using GC/MS as analytical technique? Do you need a faster and greener QuEChERS methodology for the extraction of biological samples? If so, this presentation will show you how to achieve this with a methodology that could be applied in a great number of forensic laboratories.

QuEChERS is a methodology previously developed to extract pesticides from vegetables and fruits and has been applied for forensic analysis. The modification of the QuEChERS method consisted in the pre-treatment of the whole blood samples using ultrasonication, the use of ethyl acetate as an extraction solvent and a previous step of sample alkalinisation. The use of dispersive separation steps such as dispersive solid-phase extraction (dSPE) or sorbents such as primary secondary amine (PSA) was suppressed to minimize the errors and, to improve the velocity of the analysis. The developed method can provide a rapid, effective and “greener” process for the analysis of a wide range of opioids drugs in whole blood samples and can be applied to clinical and forensic cases.

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To find out more Separation Science is hosting a presentation by Emanuele Alves from Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil and Appalachian State University, USA who will be speaking about a modified QuEChERS methodology for the extraction of drugs of abuse in biological samples as part of its upcoming 'Advances in Forensics & Toxicology' eSeminar this month. Simply register for the eSeminar to access the presentation.

About the presenter
Emanuele_Alves_75.png Dr Emanuele Alves has a BSc in Pharmacy from the Federal Fluminense University (Brazil), a Postgraduate in Crime Scene Investigation from Castelo Branco University (Brazil), an MSc in Chemistry from Rio de Janeiro Federal University (Brazil) and a PhD in Forensic Science from Porto University (Portugal). She is currently Assistant Professor in Forensic Science at Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

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Published  Nov 20, 2017

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