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Format: On-demand

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

The scientific experience is critical to the success and efficiency of the entire laboratory ecosystem – from software and instruments to workflows and processes. Scientists need to be able to focus on their critical work, and not be burdened by challenges such as siloed data, manual processes, and old technology. It is critical that organizations keep pace with technological and scientific advancements, as those changes have a direct impact on how a lab operates.

The way that laboratory personnel need to interact with software, instruments, equipment, and systems makes a significant impact on their daily work. Access to mobile applications, barcode-driven workflows, voice control capabilities, and extended reality software provides innovative and easier ways for scientists to achieve their goals. New automation capabilities improve efficiency, eliminating manual intervention and streamlining processes and workflows in the lab. Improved tools, such as enhanced dashboards and new AI/ML capabilities, deliver knowledge from data and empower the scientist to make faster, more informed decisions. Lab software solutions built with pre-configured QA/QC capabilities provide an intuitive, easy process to execute typical scientific workflows with minimal training.

By watching this presentation you will learn about:

  • Novel ways to interact with LIMS - Mobile, barcode driven workflows, voice control, and extended reality
  • Delivering knowledge from data – Dashboards and data analytics, including AI/ML capabilities
  • Automation solutions - Drive Business Intelligence, eliminate manual intervention, and improve efficiency
  • Intuitive workflows – Easier, more simplified processes with pre-configured QA/QC capabilities

The Presenter

NicolaGardner_200Nicola Gardner
Senior Manager, Product Marketing – Digital Science Solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific
As Sr. Manager, Product Marketing for the Digital Science Solutions business at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Nicola leads the marketing strategy around our product portfolio, and describes to customers how they can apply laboratory software to move towards a smarter lab and digitally transform their business. A Masters in Analytical Chemistry and a wealth of laboratory experience provides Nicola with a solid understanding of process, data, and connectivity challenges. Nicola helps to drive discussion around technology adoption to inform businesses on their digital transformation journey and to enable scientists to spend more time focusing on science.




Published  May 31, 2023

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