Fix LC-MS problems with Shimadzu’s downloadable troubleshooting guide

by | Jul 31, 2023

Resolve LC-MS issues with Shimadzu's free troubleshooting guide. Fix sensitivity, resolution, and peak problems. Ideal for analytical chemists.

LC-MS systems are complex and sensitive instruments, and even minor issues can lead to inaccurate results or instrument downtime, resulting in financial losses and delayed research.


To help LC-MS users, Shimadzu has introduced a new LC-MS Troubleshooting Guide with systematic, easy-to-understand approaches to solving common issues including:

  • Changes in instrument sensitivity
  • Unintended fragmentation during ionization and mass analysis
  • Peak issues: tailing, fronting, and broad
  • Poor resolution caused by suboptimal chromatographic conditions
  • Trace amounts of previously analyzed samples becoming 'carryovers'
  • Inconsistent elution times
  • Elevated and fluctuating baselines

Click the button below to download your free copy of Shimadzu's LC-MS troubleshooting guide.



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