This technical article looks at the best way to clean the frits used in the HPLC system. In this example, the reader had been sonicating them in nitric acid, but wasn’t sure if that was the best way to approach the problem.

There are four main types of frits that are used in the HPLC system: (1) the sinker frits in the mobile phase reservoirs, (2) frits internal to some pumps, (3) in-line filters, most commonly used between the autosampler and column or guard column, and (4) column frits. Years ago it was common to change the column frits, but with today’s highly compacted columns, removal of the column frit may allow the column packing to ooze out and ruin the column. For this reason, removal of column frits is not recommended. Let’s look at each of the other frit types and how they function to get an idea on whether or not they should be cleaned. 

By reading the full article you will learn the importance of handling frit maintenance by replacement with new parts.

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Published  May 14, 2019