GC Learning Hub: Getting Better GC/MS Results for Maximizing Productivity in High-throughput Labs

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Agilent_GCHub_Splash_230420Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers a series of tutorials aimed at the GC and GC/MS user that form part of the 'GC Learning Hub'. In this tutorial you will learn some simple strategies to speed up analyses with method translator and to help maintain a healthy GC (MS) system longer. These strategies include how using self-tightening column nuts can help maintain a leak free system, and how backflushing can stop heavier compounds from reaching your mass spec.


  • Module 1:Maximize Your Throughput with Fritted Liners
  • Module 2: Choosing the Right GC Column to Maximize Productivity
  • Module 3: Increase Throughput with Capillary Column Backflush and Jet Clean
  • Module 4: Make Installation Faster with Self-tightening Nuts
  • Module 5: Smart GCs and Consumables

Run Time: 40 minutes

By viewing this tutorial you will learn about ...

  • The best columns for GC-MS analysis and how to convert to narrower bore for faster analysis
  • Setting up your GC (MS) system for success with the optimal supplies, tools, and strategies for running faster analyses and maintaining a clean system for as long as possible.

The Presenters

Angie Smith-80Angie Smith-Henry
(Applications Chemist for GC and MS Supplies, Agilent
Angie is is an applications chemist for GC and MS Supplies at Agilent in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Previously, she was an applications chemist for the MSD Solutions and Applications group with a focus on developing analysers and applications for energy, chemical and environmental markets. Angie holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Lehigh University and BS in Chemistry from Juniata College.

Gustavo_60Gustavo Serrano
(GC Columns Product Manager, Agilent)
Gustavo Serrano is the GC Columns Product Manager at Agilent in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Gustavo has a broad background in GC technologies, including experience as an R&D scientist and product manager at Sigma-Aldrich/Supelco, where he worked on the development and commercialization of novel GC stationary phases. He has also published extensively in the fields of portable micro GC systems, GC columns and micro thermal modulators for GC×GC applications. Gustavo holds a PhD in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of Michigan, and an MBA from the University of Indiana – Bloomington.

Published  Jun 23, 2022

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