Video Application

GC/Q-TOF Accurate Mass Library and Library Management Tools for Metabolomics and Beyond

This video application covers GC/MS spectral libraries that are essential tools for rapid and efficient compound identification in metabolomics and other applications.

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers a video application and corresponding application note focusing on its GC/MS spectral libraries and library management tools for metabolomics and other applications.

Presentation Overview

This presentation covers the GC/MS spectral libraries from Agilent that are essential tools for rapid and efficient compound identification in metabolomics and other applications. The new, curated, accurate mass Metabolomics Personal Compound Database and Library (PCDL) with more than 900 spectra enhanced the targeted and non-targeted screening workflows by increasing confidence in compound identification. Agilent’s new ChemVista Library Manager software was used to compile third-party spectra into a data analysis compatible PCDL format to supplement identifications. Together, these tools contributed to a more confident and comprehensive compound identification in real-world metabolomics samples.

From this presentation and associated resources, you will learn:

  • The importance of GC/MS spectral libraries as essential tools for rapid and efficient compound identification in metabolomics and other applications
  • How the library management tools can provide greater confidence in comprehensive compound identification in real-world metabolomics samples

In addition to the video application, you will also be able to download your personal copy of the associated application note and brochures.

Application Note
Comprehensive Accurate Mass Metabolomics Library and Its Evaluation in Targeted and Non-targeted Data Analysis Workflows

Identify Your Analytes with Confidence
Agilent ChemVista software with extensive, comprehensive integrated libraries

Identify. Quantify. Simplify.
See the Whole Picture - Agilent 7250 GC/Q-TOF system


Sofia Nieto
GC/MS Applications Chemist, Agilent

Sofia is a GC/MS applications chemist at Agilent with a specific focus on the GC/Q-TOF. Over the last few years, she has been working on developing various applications for high-resolution GC/MS in the areas of metabolomics, food safety, flavors and fragrances, environmental, and forensics.

Andrew McEachran
Software Product Owner, Agilent

Andrew McEachran is a software product owner at Agilent focusing on spectral library and compound database management. Prior to joining Agilent, Andrew was a researcher concentrating on identifying emerging contaminants in environmental media, at times in dust, soil, surface water, and groundwater. After completing his Ph.D. at NC State University, Andrew was a postdoctoral researcher at the US EPA focused on advancing compound identification workflows through cheminformatics and spectral libraries.


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