Improve Food Safety with Special HPLC Analysers

by | Nov 13, 2017

Discover a rapid screening method for mycotoxins and synthetic antimicrobials using Shimadzu's iSeries HPLC analysers.

Shimadzu has released two HPLC analysers for food safety requirements: a mycotoxin screening system and a synthetic antimicrobial screening system. These i-Series food safety analysers support the need for fast, high-sensitivity examinations for controlled components such as mold toxins (mycotoxins) and synthetic antimicrobials (sulfa-based and quinolone-based agents) included in the raw materials for food products.

Shimadzu_iSeries_food_safety_analyser.pngBackground to development
Measurement methods for mold toxins, synthetic antimicrobials and other controlled components are prescribed in the official regulations of each country in the world. Exported food must be tested carefully for the presence of controlled components according to the regulations of the destination country. Multiple cycles of analysis must be performed for each sample.

The Solution
In consideration of this need, Shimadzu has released the i-Series food safety analysers, which are based on the i-Series of integrated high performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC). These analysers support rapid screening for 10 mycotoxins applicable to wheat flour, rice flour and other grains as well as apples and milk samples, and 24 synthetic antimicrobials applicable to chicken, pork and beef samples, including components that are currently controlled or may be regulated in the future. Results can be checked quickly with the LabSolutions analysis software. 

System Features

  • High-sensitivity detection of mycotoxins at maximum residue levels as regulated by the European Commission
  • High-sensitivity detection of synthetic antimicrobials at maximum residue levels as regulated by the European Commission
  • Special kits with analytical conditions and columns 
  • Screening results can be checked at a glance

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