Do you need help with the comprehensive analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organics in either environmental or food samples? If so this webinar is for you. In it the presenters explain how challenges facing characterisation of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds can be addressed using a multi-mode preconcentration platform that can be interfaced to any existing GC-MS. 

Comprehensive analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organics in environmental, food and biomonitoring samples often demands the use of multiple sample preparation and injection techniques, frequently on several instrument platforms. Such procedures can be labour-intensive, and require chemists trained in multiple analytical techniques and instrumentations.

In this webinar, Massimo Santoro and Gareth Roberts will explain how the Centri® system from Markes International allows unattended sample preparation using several techniques to be performed on a single platform, while also extending sensitivity and selectivity using a sorbent-packed, cryogen-free focusing trap. 

You will learn...

  • how to overcome the sometimes-limited sensitivity of headspace using a sub-ambient, cryogen-free focusing trap
  • how to extend the sensitivity and selectivity of micro-extraction techniques in a fully automated fashion
  • how to always be ready to re-run a sample for confirmation in minutes, without having to repeat long extraction processes

The benefits of Centri

Centri is ideal for the automated analysis of VOCs and SVOCs in multiple matrices. This webinar will demonstrate how Centri...

  • can be applied to analysis of VOCs and SVOCs in food, environmental and bio-monitoring applications
  • for the first time, completely automates high-capacity sorbent extraction worflows
  • can be used on samples with target analytes concentrations ranging from ppt- to % levels

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About the presenters

MassimoWebMassimo Santoro is the Technical Marketing Director at Markes International. His experience as a chemist started in a forensic lab and developed as GC/GC-MS product specialist when for several years he focused on supporting laboratories around the world for application method development using GC-MS technology and a variety of sample preparation techniques and instrumentations.

GarethRobertsWebGareth Roberts has worked in the field of GC and GC–MS since the late 1970s. Gareth joined Markes in 2003 as an international business manager focusing on thermal desorption and GC-MS related applications associated with the defence, forensic, fragrance and food industries.


Published  Jul 24, 2018

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