Improve your triple quad data acquisition performance

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This on-demand webinar demonstrates the capability of SCIEX OS software to perform data acquisition for legacy SCIEX Triple Quad instruments. If you're looking to turn your triple quad up to 11 find out how by registering below.

Format: On-demand

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes


Event Overview
This presentation covers the new capability of SCIEX OS software to perform data acquisition for legacy SCIEX Triple Quad instruments that were launched with Analyst Software for acquisition, including 4500, 5500, 5500+, 6500, and 6500+ Triple Quad systems.

The content covered includes similarities and differences between Analyst and SCIEX OS software for acquisition, as well as new features that provide time-saving benefits.

Viewers will learn about the latest features for acquisition in SCIEX OS software including automatic data processing and decision rules, which can automatically perform actions on the queue according to user-specified criteria.

By watching this presentation you will...

  • gain insight into the various time saving benefits SCIEX OS software can provide to Triple Quad system users for acquisition and processing
  • understand the seamlessness of workflow from method creation to data review
  • understand the benefit of having all SCIEX systems on one single software platform for acquisition and processing.

Who should watch it?
Viewers should be current SCIEX legacy Triple Quad users (4500, 5500, 5500+, 6500, 6500+) and interested in how they can POWER UP their workflows.

If you have a colleague who may also be interested in the subject of this webinar, please recommend it to them by using the link below.

The Presenter

AprilQuinnPaquet_80April Quinn-Paquet
Technical Product Manager, SCIEX
April has been with SCIEX for over 15 years in various roles from customer training, to the demo lab where she faced real-life customer challenges in the lab and helped to solve them, and finally with the software business unit where she is currently a Technical Product Manager for SCIEX OS software. April holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Norwich University in Vermont. 



Published  Jul 6, 2022

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