Increase your lab’s productivity with intelligent GC sytems

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Do you need to increase productivity and decrease downtime in your laboratory? This on-demand webinar introduces Agilent’s new suite of intelligent gas chromatographs that will help you reach this goal.

Unplanned downtime wrecks everyone’s day and brings all work to a halt. Agilent’s new suite of intelligent gas chromatographs continue to improve productivity by decreasing unplanned downtime through:

  • Early maintenance feedback
  • Automatic leak check
  • Visual notifications of leak check failures, spent gas filters, consumable lifetime and regular maintenance schedules
  • Built-in troubleshooting routines
  • Agilent consumables that work with new Agilent GC systems to help track column usage, gas filter lifetime, and much more!

What does it cover?

The presenters discuss:

  • Expanded features and benefits of the new Agilent GC systems and consumables
  • The intelligence that reduces downtime (planned/unplanned) and increases productivity
  • Familiar consumables that are smarter, to maximize their use and prevent errors
  • Impact of using spent columns, liners or filters on results.

By viewing this webinar you will learn:

  • how to use the onboard maintenance feedback, smart GC consumables and instrument leak checking, found in the Agilent Intuvo 9000, 8890, and 8860 GC systems, to increase laboratory performance and decrease costs.

By registering for this on-demand webinar you will also be able to access the Q&A session for this event and additional learning resources including product information regarding the Agilent 8890 and 8860 intelligent GC systems, application notes and videos.

Why should you view it?

To understand how new intelligent Agilent GC systems, along with consumables, increase productivity and decrease downtime for any GC operator at any experience level.  

The Presenters

Eric_Phillips_60Eric Phillips 
(Agilent, Wilmington, Delaware, USA)
Eric is currently Product Marketing Manager for GC systems at Agilent. In this role he works with GC product managers and with product lines across the company to put together systems that have positive impacts on the business of the GC and GC/MS laboratory.

Angela_Smith_Henry_70.pngAngela Smith Henry 
(Agilent, Wilmington, Delaware, USA) 
Angie is an applications chemist for GC and MS Supplies at Agilent in Wilmington, Delaware. Previously, she was an applications chemist for the MSD Solutions and Applications group with a focus on developing analysers and applications for energy, chemical and environmental markets. She holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Lehigh University and a BS in Chemistry from Juniata College.


Published  Mar 27, 2019

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