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Separation Science, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, announces the 2021 instalment of PHARMA 4.0: Transforming Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, an eConference and Expert Discussion Forums Series with eminent global thought leaders that covers current and future trends in analytical, process, quality and regulatory issues and their impact on the laboratory of the future and its connection to continuous manufacturing. PHARMA 4.0: Transforming Pharmaceutical Manufacturing brings together participants from industry, academia and regulatory to create an invaluable resource for recent developments, future trends, challenges and solutions for development & manufacturing of pharmaceutical & biotechnology products.

6 October, 2021
10:30am New Delhi | 1:00pm Singapore | 2:00pm Japan | 4:00pm Sydney
The world’s pharmaceutical makers are on their journey towards the digital factory or Pharma 4.0 in the “never normal”, a world that is constantly in flux. As the global pharma industry transforms in such a changing environment, laboratory managers and professionals have many questions and challenges that need to be addressed. PHARMA 4.0: Transforming Pharmaceutical Manufacturing has been created to help the scientific community address the challenges by creating opportunities for knowledge exchange and expert learning, as well as developments in technology innovations.

Commencing 6 October 2021 and running through to 24 November, Separation Science, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, will host PHARMA 4.0: Transforming Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, an eConference followed by a series of online expert discussion forums. Thought leaders at this event will represent world-class pharma makers, industry commentators and regulators.

Invited speakers and presentations include:

AjazHussainManaging Pharmaceutical Quality: In and Beyond COVID
Ajaz Hussain - President
The National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology & Education, USA

JosephSchariterImpact of COVID on Pharma 4.0
Joseph Schariter - Associate Director
Moderna, USA

JonathanBonesStrategies for Streamlining Biologics Production: Multi-attribute Methods in a Process Analytical Technology Environment
Prof. Jonathan Bones
NIBRT, Ireland

GeraldGellermanThe Key Role of Analytical Procedure Lifecycle Management
Gerald Gellerman - Senior Fellow
Novartis, Switzerland

FrankSteiner_v2Method Development Tool for HPLC & UHPLC
Frank Steiner - Senior Manager Product Applications
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germany

Published  Sep 23, 2021

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