Karl Fischer titration is still the most used, most accurate, and fastest method to determine water content in all kinds of sample matrices.

World Titration Week

This titration week covers different aspects that need to be considered when determining the water content in products, raw materials, and other substances. Experts from the life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Metrohm AG, and Mettler Toledo will present and discuss different steps of the Karl Fischer titration process and how to improve it. Learnings include:

• Karl Fischer titration process and tips for how to improve it
• Karl Fischer oven method and its advantages
• Reference materials to use for titer determination, instrument check, and result verification
• Parameters needed to validate a Karl Fischer titration application
 • News and future aspects of Karl Fischer titration

Three Webinars and a Roundtable with Experts from MilliporeSigma, Metrohm & Mettler Toledo

How to Achieve Accurate Water Content Results with Karl Fischer Titration
BettinaStraubJubbBettina Straub-Jubb, Product manager & Lead Expert for Titration at the life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Transparent and accurate analysis results are an important prerequisite for meeting your customers' quality expectations on products, raw materials and processes. A central analytical parameter is the water content. Water can influence stability, durability, permeability, or consistency of materials, or the energy consumption, yield, and safety in production processes. Therefore, exact water determination is necessary in a wide variety of industries.

The Karl Fischer Oven Method – Step by Step
MichaelMargrethMichael Margreth, Application Specialist - Karl Fischer Titration and Water Determination, Metrohm
Karl Fischer (KF) titration is a standard method for the water content determination in all types of substances. However, for various reasons, some substances are not suitable for a direct Karl Fischer titration. These reasons include that they undergo side reaction with KF reagents; they contaminate the titration cell and/or the electrodes; the substances are poorly soluble in alcohol; they release their water only slowly; or the water is released at high temperatures only. These problems can be avoided by using the oven method. This makes the KF oven method the perfect solution for the analysis of difficult samples.

Importance of CRM-grade Karl Fischer Standards for Accurate KF Titration
ShaillyKrishnaRajusthShailly Krishna-Rajusth, Product Manager for Physical & Chemical Property Standards at the life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Karl Fischer (KF) titration is one of the most rapid and accurate methods to determine water content in various samples. For accurate KF titration, high quality Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are essential. In this webinar, we will present key reference material terms, different quality grades of reference materials, and an overview of our portfolio of high-quality CRM-grade KF Standards.

Direct Karl-Fischer Titration or Gas Phase Extraction – A Closer Look
ThomasHitzThomas Hitz, PhD Application Development, Automated Karl-Fischer Titration, Mettler Toledo
In this presentation we will compare the direct addition with the gas phase extraction method. For this purpose, various sample types were analyzed by either direct addition, gas phase extraction, or both. Among the tested sample types are powders, oils, and cannabis flower. We will discuss the challenges that such samples represent and highlight the analytical measures that will ensure to obtain the best results possible.

Validation of Parameters for Karl Fischer Titration
AngelaSchwehnAngela Schwehn, Laboratory Scientist in the R&D Department of the life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Validation of parameters for a Karl Fischer titration method is an essential prerequisite for laboratories. Performance characteristics of the procedure need to meet the requirements for its intended purpose. You will learn typical analytical performance parameters that should be considered in the validation of the Karl Fischer titration procedures. The objective of this session is to present the requirements for a titration process.

Roundtable Expert Discussion
Together with our partners Metrohm and Mettler Toledo, MilliporeSigma will discuss the trends and key aspects of Karl Fischer titration. We will come back on some questions asked during the earlier three webinars, as well as answering new questions during the roundtable discussion.  
This live event will be moderated by Separation Science and participants will include Bettina Straub-Jubb, Dr. Shailly Krishna Rajusth, and Angela Schwehn from the life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Dr. Leila Mosberger from Mettler-Toledo, and Michael Margreth from Metrohm AG. 




Published  Aug 2, 2023

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