Are you looking to improve your ICP-MS analysis? If so, register for this presentation and learn how from our technology experts.


Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Knowing the right information at the right time can help you cut through the everyday complexities of your ICP-MS analysis.

Driven by insights from customers from around the world, Agilent has developed a range of Easy-fit supplies, intuitive yet powerful software and complete workflows to bring the confidence of knowing you will get the answers you need to efficiently run your lab.

Register and learn how to make your ICP-MS applications easier to run, maintain and control.

By viewing this presentation you will:

  • Learn how the range of Easy-fit supplies can simplify your workflow
  • Discover selection tools that can help you get your ICP-MS configured right for your analysis
  • Take a look at ICP-MS MassHunter software
  • Learn about some of the simple software tools and time-saving tips that can help you get the very best out of your ICP-MS.

The Presenters

GarethP_200Gareth Pearson
ICP-MS Supplies Product Manager (Agilent, Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Centre, Melbourne, Australia)
Dr. Pearson is Agilent's ICP-MS Supplies Product Manager based at the Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Centre in Melbourne, Australia. He has over 20 years' experience in Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy. Gareth graduated from the University of Hull, in the UK, completing a Ph.D. titled "Elemental Speciation and Miniaturised Sample Introduction Studies for ICP-MS". He has worked as a Product Manager in the UK and Australia for Spectroscopy and Sample Preparation instrumentation since 2007.

GlennW_200Glenn Woods
Product Manager (Agilent, Centre of Excellence, Manchester, UK)
Glenn Woods is the Product Manager for ICP-MS MassHunter instrument control and analysis software based at the Centre of Excellence in Manchester, United Kingdom. He has more than 25 years of experience in inorganic analytical spectroscopy, particularly ICP-MS and ICP-QQQ.
Glenn graduated from Sheffield-Hallam University with a BSc in Applied Chemistry and worked as a post-graduate scientist at The University of Sheffield, specialising in solid-phase matrix elimination & preconcentration for inorganic, radiogenic and organometallic contaminants in seawater by ICP-MS. Glenn joined Agilent in 1998 as an Applications Scientist and has been in his current position since 2018.

JamesD_200James Dellis
R&D Applications Chemist (Agilent, Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Centre, Melbourne, Australia)
James Dellis is an R&D Applications Chemist for Supplies Product Development based at the Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Centre in Melbourne, Australia. He has over 10 years' experience in Analytical Chemistry and Atomic Spectroscopy.
James graduated from Swinburne University of Technology with a BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Prior to joining Agilent in 2017, James was working within the Geochemical and Precious Metal industry.

Published  Apr 5, 2022

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