Learn how modular spectrometers and MIR spectroscopy can enhance your analysis

by | Feb 7, 2019

Discover how Ocean Optics' compact modular spectrometers and accessories are the enabling technology behind many environmental monitoring systems in use today.

Are you looking for a new solution to your application challenges in environmental monitoring? Want to learn more about the capabilities and benefits of modular spectrometers and MIR spectroscopy? If so, Ocean Optics offers a number of resources to help.


Your Partner for Environmental Monitoring Solutions

App1ThumbAt Ocean Optics, partnering is what we do best. Through partnership we introduced the world’s first modular spectrometer designed to study ocean acidification via remote optical sensing of pH in the ocean. Since then the modular spectrometer has enabled remote sensing and environmental monitoring applications around the globe. We have decades of experience in the environmental community making us an ideal partner for the development of environmental monitoring solutions.


Volume Fraction Determination of Ethanol in Splash-Blended Fuel Mixture

App4ThumbEveryone is familiar with the octane rating we see at the gas pumps and the corresponding prices that follow it; this is a rating of the fuel’s ability to resist engine knocking, or preignition within the chamber. As engines become more efficient they require a higher-octane rating to ensure proper operation. In this study, we look at the MZ5’s ability to determine volume fraction of ethanol in a splash-blended fuel mixture using MIR spectroscopy.

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