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SIFT-MS: Rapid, Selective Trace Gas and Headspace Analysis

presented by Mark Perkins and Vaughan Langford

This webinar covers SIFT-MS, a technology that provides a significant advance in trace gas and headspace analysis. The presentation examines how application of SIFT-MS can deliver competitive advantage in the contract laboratory because of high sample throughput and its ability to analyse chromatographically challenging species.

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Featured Applications

Accurate Determination of Arsenic and Selenium in Environmental Samples Using The Thermo Scientific iCAP TQ ICP-MS

This application note evaluates the efficiency of TQ-ICP-MS measurement modes and compares them to SQ ICP-MS measurement modes with iCAP TQ ICP-MS for the quantification of arsenic and selenium in the presence of REEs.

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On-demand Webinar

Tracing the Origin of an Apple:
Metabolic Profiling using Q-TOF Mass Spectrometry

Wagner_Lazlo.pngpresented by Franz Siegfried Wagner and László Tölgyesi

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Food for Mass Spec Thought in the Applied Markets

Speakers.pngpresented by Elizabeth Almasi, Joan Stevens, Melissa Churley and Phil Wylie
The presentation will focus on increasing GC/MS based analysis efficiency and delivering consistent quality results by showcasing automated GC/MS maintenance, simplified sample preparation and how to expertly mine the information rich data.



Rapid Aroma-Profiling of Cookies by Dynamic Headspace Sampling and TD–GC–TOF MS

This study shows the value of dynamic headspace sampling and thermal desorption–GC–TOF MS analysis to rapidly profile volatile compounds released from flavoured cookies, and avoid the problems typically encountered when using solvent-extraction methods.

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