Struggling with too much GC column maintenance or troubleshooting? Are you adjusting too many retention times after changing your column? Tired of venting your mass spec to trim the column yet again? If so this helpful GC-focused webinar is for you. In it the presenters discuss tips and tricks for slimming down the time it takes to trim or change your column. 

Strategies discussed in this on-demand webinar include:

  • Identifying when it’s time to perform column-related maintenance
  • Changing or trimming your column without needing to vent your MS
  • Reducing (or eliminating) frequency of column trims by using guard columns or chips
  • Preventing retention time shift after column maintenance
  • Recognizing what is column bleed and what isn't
  • Properly conditioning your newly installed column. 

The Presenters

Angela_Smith_Henry_70.pngAngie Smith-Henry is an applications chemist for GC and MS Supplies at Agilent Technologies in Wilmington, Delaware. Previously, she was an applications chemist for the MSD Solutions and Applications group with a focus on developing analysers and applications for energy, chemical and environmental markets. She holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Lehigh University and a BS in Chemistry from Juniata College.

Rachael_Simon_80.pngRachael Simon is a product manager for GC Supplies at Agilent Technologies in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Previously, she was a field service engineer specializing in installing, maintaining, and repairing Agilent GC and GC/MS systems. Prior to joining Agilent, Rachael worked at DuPont as an analytical chemist responsible for GC and GC/MS method development and transfer to manufacturing labs. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Rutgers University.

To view the presentation click on the play button below:-

View this on-demand webinar and learn some tips and tricks for reducing the time it takes to trim or change your column and how to alleviate frustration from common column maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.


Published  Jun 19, 2018

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