Navigating the Frontier of Circular RNA Therapeutics: Insights from the Experts

by | Nov 24, 2023

Join our panel of experts as we explore the exciting field of circular RNA therapeutics.

The landscape of therapeutic innovation is continually evolving, and one of the latest frontiers captivating the attention of analytical scientists is Circular RNA (circRNA). As we gear up for our expert discussion forum on exploring circular RNA, we provide a sneak peek into the cutting-edge realm of circRNA therapeutics and the analytical challenges that come with this field of research.

Circular RNA represents a groundbreaking avenue in therapeutics, holding immense potential for future medical breakthroughs. To delve deeper into the intricacies of this field, Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, is hosting a panel discussion featuring industry experts. These experts will share their insights into structural identification, purification strategies, and the pressing analytical needs surrounding circRNA therapeutics.

Event Overview

The expert discussion forum, scheduled to broadcast twice on December 7, 2023, provides a unique opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from leaders in the circRNA field. The event will kick off with presentations from renowned experts, followed by a moderated discussion among the presenters.

Meet the expert panelists:

  • Francis Poulin, Vice President of Analytical Sciences at Sail Biomedicines: With a wealth of experience in analytical sciences at Sail Biomedicines, Laronde, and other pioneering companies, Francis leads the development of analytical procedures for Endless RNA™.
  • Nikolaos Mellios, Chief Scientific Officer of Circular Genomics Inc.: As the CSO of Circular Genomics Inc., Nikolaos brings leading expertise in circRNAs and their relevance for psychiatric and neurological disorders.
  • Dr. Andrew Coffey, Senior Applications Chemist at Agilent Technologies: With a wealth of experience as an applications chemist, Dr. Coffey offers considerable expertise in liquid chromatography method development.

Key Topics

Some of the main topic areas that will be covered in this event include:

  • Analytical challenges in circRNA development: Explore the hurdles and breakthroughs in moving circRNA therapeutics forward.
  • Endogenous circRNA as biomarkers: Understand the potential of endogenous circRNA as robust biomarkers for precision medicine.
  • Genome editing for circRNA therapeutics: Delve into the use of genome editing to manipulate the expression of endogenous circRNAs for therapeutic purposes.
  • Structural differences in RNA: Examine the structural disparities between mRNA and Endless RNA™ (eRNA).
  • Analytical methods for RNA manufacturing: Discover the general requirements for analytical methods supporting circRNA manufacturing.
  • Purification and quality strategies: Learn about purification strategies, including the development and qualification of an anion-exchange HPLC method for eRNA purity.
  • Unmet analytical needs and future outlook: Gain insights into the current challenges and the future outlook of the rapidly advancing circRNA field.

This expert discussion forum promises to be a dynamic exploration of the analytical intricacies surrounding circRNA therapeutics. As we prepare to unravel the mysteries of this cutting-edge field, mark your calendars for December 7, 2023, and join industry leaders in this enlightening journey toward the future of medicinal breakthroughs.

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