New Multi-Channel UV Detection Systems for Preparative and Flash Chromatography

by | Nov 13, 2019

Phoseon Technology' solid-state detectors for Preparative Chromatography offer higher sensitivity through a 220 nm laser channel for narrow-band precision.

Learn more about solid state detectors for Preparative Chromatography, which offer higher sensitivity through a 220 nm laser channel for narrow-band precision and as a result is 100 times more stable than Deuterium Lamps.

KeyView™ Prep and KeyView™ Flash allow users to determine analyte concentrations with high absolute absorption for preparative chromatography.

Using solid state technology, KeyView detectors use maximum light intensity to capture a higher dynamic range of high concentration analytes.

Phoseon's KeyView detectors allow users to consistently quantify and isolate fractions of proteins and biomolecules.

Six simultaneous absorbance channels include a mini-spectrum in the critical 250-300 nm UV range.

The near zero drift with KeyView gives users the confidence of highly reproducible results.


KeyView Benefits:

  • Solid state for high reliability and durability
  • High Absorbance Unit (AU) range for better visibility 
  • Multi-Channel (6-channel) including a mini-spectrum from 250-300 nm
  • High-intensity 220 nm laser channel for narrow-band resolution 
  • Small form factor for easy integration
  • High longevity with no bulb replacements for ease-of-use and no downtime

Peak Linearity Absorbance Spectrum

Absorbance peak spectrum for maximum linearity range using concentrated squid ink.
220 nm, 255 nm, 265 nm, 275 nm, 285 nm, and 295 nm


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