Overview of why PFAS testing is so challenging

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The executive summary is now available for our expert panel discussion on PFAS analytical testing. Download now


This Executive Summary highlights expert insights from experienced industry leaders in the PFAS analytical testing field. They share their own experiences and discuss various topics that will help empower PFAS analytical testing laboratories to future-proof themselves in this constantly evolving area of environmental concern. Topics covered include:

  • The current landscape, market trends and future state of PFAS analysis
  • Review of current and emerging US and EU regulatory requirements for PFAS analytical testing
  • Analytical technologies to help tackle PFAS testing projects of any size or scope, faster

Download this summary to learn about current and anticipated challenges of routine PFAS analysis and tips for how to overcome them. You'll also understand the impact of ever-changing regulatory demands and why it is essential for testing laboratories to future-proof themselves and discover new, cutting-edge techniques for PFAS analysis that can impact overall laboratory productivity and efficiency.

Our expert panel includes:


Lee Ferguson
Duke University, North Carolina, USA.


John Quick
ALS Environmental, UK


Vladimir Nikiforov
NILU-Norwegian Institute for Air Research


Christopher P. Higgins
Colorado School of Mines


Ed George
Thermo Fisher Scientific



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Published  Jun 9, 2023

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