Particle technologies and their benefits in chromatographic separations

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In this on-demand webinar, the advantages of the ACQUITY PREMIER columns are highlighted and the various particle technologies and their benefits in chromatographic separations discussed. Register for the on-demand webinar and see what you've been missing!

The challenge in overcoming analyte loss due to non-specific binding and non-specific adsorption, often found in many LC workflows, is discussed in great depth during the webinar. 

You will learn how ACQUITY PREMIER Columns with MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces enable scientists to see compounds previously unseen, while improving sensitivity and reproducibility for all analytes.

In addition, it is shown how this technology can reduce the need for lengthy and repeated passivation.

By viewing this presentation you will gain:

  • An understanding of how ACQUITY PREMIER Columns and MaxPeak HPS Technology can provide benefits to your most challenging applications.
  • A foundational understanding of different particle technologies and their specific attributes, allowing a focus on utilizing ACQUITY PREMIER Columns to significantly reduce non-specific binding and non-specific adsorption losses commonly found in chromatographic separations.
  • An understanding of common solutions employed today to prevent analyte losses and a simple solution that automatically mitigates the issues without extra effort.

The Presenters

Kim Haynes is currently a Principal Product Marketing Manager in the Chemistry Technology Center at Waters Corporation. Kim manages MaxPeak High Performance Surface Technologies as well as a variety of other programs. Prior to this position, she has worked with Waters Corporation as a chemistry sales specialist and a business development manager. During her 20 years at Waters, Kim has focused on helping customers and colleagues understand chromatographic separations and sample preparation. Before joining Waters Corporation, Kim worked as an analytical chemist at Bacardi Martini. She holds a BS in Chemistry from Ohio University.

Jonathan Turner is the Product Marketing Manager for analytical UPLC, UHPLC, and HPLC columns at Waters Corporation. He joined Waters Corporation in 2006 as a research chemist in the Chemistry Research and Development Group. From 2006 to early 2015 his role was to design, develop, and evaluate new novel stationary phases for both small molecule and large molecule separations. In 2015 Jonathan transitioned from the laboratory to the Chemistry Product Marketing/Management Group; in this new role he uses his expertise in chromatographic media to help design, develop, and commercialize new modern stationary phases.

Published  Oct 20, 2020

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