This article discusses pipette calibration that shouldn't be ignored as it may be the key for consistent results.

Q: I’m running an HPLC-UV method for routine analysis that has been in use for several years. Recently, I’ve been seeing more scatter in my calibration curves than I expect, and the quality control (QC) samples that I run with my method also are bouncing around more than normal. I suspect that there may be a problem with the pipette or the pipetting process. Can you help me?

A: Sometimes it seems odd that our biggest headaches with HPLC methods can be related not to the HPLC itself, but to the equipment and procedures surrounding the whole process. Think about it — if your analytical balance or pipettes are not working properly, it is highly likely that the data collected from your sample analysis will be in error. 

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Published  May 8, 2019

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