PREP 2024: Explore the Cutting-Edge of Chromatography in Philadelphia

by | Feb 1, 2024

PREP 2024: Learn the latest techniques for producing highly purified substances, from protein bioseparation to viral vector extraction, May 28–31 in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, PA, USA | MAY 28 – 31, 2024

Welcome to the grand stage where innovation meets expertise—PREP 2024. This year, Philadelphia opens its doors from May 28–31 to host the 36th International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography, a beacon for analytical scientists worldwide.

A Return to Innovation and Collaboration

After a brief hiatus, PREP 2024 heralds a significant comeback, offering an immersive learning and networking environment. Celebrated for spotlighting cutting-edge purification methods, the conference facilitates extensive knowledge exchange. It encompasses workshops, tutorials, and vendor interactions, addressing every facet of preparative and process chromatography.

Set against Philadelphia's vibrant cityscape, PREP 2024 offers a unique blend of professional growth and exploration. The organizing committee, featuring Olivier Dapremont (AMPAC Fine Chemicals), Stefano Menegatti (NC State University, LigaTrap Technologies), and Nick Vecchiarello (University of Virginia), has designed a program that underscores chromatography's key role in the development and optimization of processes across various applications. This mirrors the global market's significant growth in sectors including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and research labs.

Core Topics and Interactive Workshops

The symposium will cover essential subjects, including:

  • Chromatography fundamentals: Exploration of purification paradigms.
  • Innovative modeling: Utilizing AI/ML for process improvement.
  • Small molecules and complex purifications: Techniques for a variety of compounds.
  • Protein and gene therapy purifications: Advanced methods for therapeutic molecules.
  • Sustainability in separations: Emphasizing green practices.

Workshops beginning May 28 will include:

  • Small molecule batch and continuous chromatography
  • Oligo/peptides purification basics
  • Supercritical fluid chromatography applications
  • Bioseparation for proteins
  • Modeling and high-performance techniques
  • mRNA and viral vector purification

Attending PREP 2024 in Philadelphia gives you unparalleled access to the latest chromatography innovations and prime networking opportunities. It's an essential platform for enhancing knowledge, advancing technology, and fostering professional growth in the field of separation science.

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