Returning to productive lab operations after the shut down

by | Nov 24, 2020

Discover strategies for returning to lab operations following shutdowns or changes to regular business.

This webinar shows you how to return to a productive laboratory operation in the new normal working environment. Covid-19 has affected us all and the positive impact that your asset management strategy can have on the productivity of your changing labs is addressed.

Service, inventory, and instrument utilization considerations are reviewed for both short-term and long-term planning and the effective roles and responsibilities necessary to restore labs.

You all contribute to the success of your businesses at a variety of points in operational processes. The impact of getting to market faster and more efficiently affects more than the financial bottom line. Though it has been difficult to see what normal will be through the uncertainty of the past few months, business responsibilities to patients and consumers, to employees, and to society remain paramount. Patients and consumers rely on the innovation and initiative of companies to improve their lives; companies rely on their employees to meet the societal needs of these times and of the future. The environment that you operate in has changed, but your priority outputs and the goals have not.

By attending this webinar you will...

  • Hear suggestions, tips and consideration for returning to lab operations following shutdowns or changes to regular business
  • Learn how to address checklists and schedules, asset management process opportunities, and some changes that may occur
  • Discover further resources allowing you to dive deeper into particular areas.

The Presenters

Diane Amato (Enablement Manager, Agilent)
Diane is a Lean Six Sigma Consultant with Agilent Technologies whose main goal is to bring process improvement methodologies to customers to improve their business operations. Diane has a clinical laboratory background working with Quest Diagnostics where she began her Six Sigma journey. She was among the first fifteen Black Belts trained across the company in the year 2000 and remains true to her laboratory and process improvement roots today. Her passion for the lab, as an integral part of bettering patient lives, combined with her analytical and focused approach to improvement, provides clarity for customers to find their way through challenging changes and transform their current operations.

John Murray (Enterprise Project Manager, Agilent)
John is extensively experienced in designing and leading Inventory Management programs across the Americas. He has applied his project management skills across multiple sectors including Pharma, Crime & Biologics, and Health & Beauty. John offers reliable consultation on instrument and workflow requirements and laboratory design and successfully manages large laboratory relocations. He is a subject matter expert and “Train the Trainer” for relocation logistics management, service strategy, and inventory programs. John is working towards his PMP certification and has an AS in Mechanical Engineering.

Melissa Zeier (Applications Expert, Agilent)
Melissa has been in the drug development, testing, and laboratory services industries for approximately 15 years. She began her career in big pharma working in high throughput biomarker testing, then moved into the pre-clinical contract testing field specializing in chiral analyte method development for LC-MS/MS. Melissa transitioned to auditing GLP bioanalytical studies before exercising her expertise in the pharma and biopharma sectors as a business intelligence analyst, driving product and service development in the pre-clinical testing industry for a top 3 preclinical CRO. Melissa has a B.S. in Chemistry with minors in Cellular Biology and Mathematics, an M.S. in Analytical Chemistry, and an M.A. in Applied Economics.

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