SEC-MALS Detector for Essential Protein and Polymer Characterization

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Wyatt Technology, a company specializing in instrumentation for absolute macromolecular and nanoparticle characterization, has announced the launch of its next generation multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detector for SEC/GPC, the miniDAWN® TREOS® II. The TREOS II is the only SEC-MALS detector for size exclusion or gel permeation chromatography that offers full field serviceability, extended ease-of-use, and a built-in upgrade path from HPLC to UHPLC technology.

miniDawn-TREOS.pngInstrument Overview
The miniDAWN TREOS II interfaces to most HPLC-SEC systems to characterize all types of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution with radii below 50 nm, from 200 Da to 10 MDa. This range covers most proteins, peptides and small polymers. It provides superior sensitivity for its class of compact MALS detectors, robustly measuring the molar mass and size of as little as 25 ng of 100 kDa polystyrene when using standard GPC columns. With the addition of a WyattQELS embedded dynamic light-scattering module, the TREOS II can simultaneously determine hydrodynamic radius (rh) from 0.5 to 50 nm and rms radius (rg) from 10 nm to 50 nm.

This next-generation MALS detector is reported to combine improved performance with higher productivity.

Published  Apr 25, 2017

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