Selecting the best technique for VOC analysis

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Do you need guidance on volatile organic compound monitoring and help in selecting the best technique for your application? If so, this on-demand webinar can provide you with the answers.

Growing concerns over the harmful effects of exposure to low levels of hazardous air pollutants have led to increasingly demanding volatile organic compound (VOC) monitoring programs worldwide. As a result, regulations are evolving, and now require laboratories to monitor more compounds, more frequently, and to detect ever-lower levels in ambient air.

The groups of compounds contributing to ‘air pollution’ are as many and varied as their sources. Selection and implementation of the optimum sampling and analysis techniques can, therefore, greatly simplify workflows and boost productivity.

This presentation takes you on a step-by-step journey through the whole process, from how and when to choose canister sampling, through sampling in the field, to laboratory analysis. Examples covered include common methods such as those used for ozone precursors and air toxics/TO-15.

By viewing this presentation you will learn ...

  • How to choose the best sampling technique for your application
  • What you will need for each stage of a canister sampling cycle
  • How to get the most out of your air analysis instruments.

Why should you view it?

The techniques available for measuring VOCs in air are wide-ranging, and choosing the most appropriate method for your needs can be complicated. This on-demand presentation will:

  • Guide you through selecting the best technique for your application
  • Take a close look at each stage of a canister sampling and analysis cycle, and explain what is needed and how each stage works
  • Present example methods and applications that can be performed with the presented instruments and accessories. 

The Presenter

Helen-Martin-80Helen Martin (Thermal Desorption Product Marketing Manager, Markes International)



Published  Apr 8, 2019

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