Shimadzu Launches Next Industry-Standard Gas Chromatograph

by | May 11, 2017

The next-industry-standard Nexis GC-2030 gas chromatograph provides the highest sensitivity and reproducibility and outstanding analysis productivity.

Shimadzu has released the next-industry-standard Nexis GC-2030 gas chromatograph (GC). The Nexis GC-2030 is based on the concept of superior usability and expandability for a wide variety of analytical applications. 

Shimadzu_Nexis_GC-2030.pngFeatures of the Nexis GC-2030
The system can be equipped with any of a family of high-sensitivity detectors, such as the unique barrier discharge ionization detector (BID) or a flame ionization detector (FID) which offers the highest levels of sensitivity < 1.2 pg C/s related to Dodecane. All detectors are ultra-fast responding with a sampling frequency of up to 500 Hz in combination with a selectable filter time constant down to 2ms. 

Furthermore, the Nexis GC-2030 provides highest reproducibility and outstanding analysis productivity. The new LabSolutions software ensures compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and provides powerful support for the laboratory management workflow. With its full-color LCD touch panel, the gas chromatograph can be operated intuitively.

The Nexis GC-2030 was designed to offer the high sensitivity analytical capability and high expandability demanded by the market, while also featuring functionality that enables almost anyone to easily operate and maintain the instrument intuitively. Thus, it meets a variety of laboratory needs providing:

  • Innovative user interface and excellent usability
  • Highest levels of sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Exceptional analysis productivity
  • Improved usability through LabSolutions software

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