SIFT-MS enhances cleanroom air quality monitoring for molecular contaminants

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Airborne molecular contaminants (AMCs) cause major product quality issues in modern semiconductor fabrication, even at very low levels (part-per-billion, ppb, concentrations and below). Currently multiple different tools are used to detect certain classes of AMCs with varying degrees of effectiveness.

SyftWeb_Artwork.pngSelected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) is a unique analytical tool that provides comprehensive, high-sensitivity detection of volatile organic, and semivolatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs), and inorganic gases (including HCl, HF, and SOx) within seconds. As a single, comprehensive tool with rapid analysis, SIFT-MS provides great economic benefit because it detects and identifies a wider range of AMCs issues and does so faster. This results in increased product yield and reduced maintenance and replacement in infrastructure.

Separation Science, in collaboration with Syft Technologies, offers an on-demand webinar presentation that will introduce the SIFT-MS technique, compare performance with other detection technologies, and describe its application to AMC monitoring – from the front-opening unified pod (FOUP) to the cleanroom.

Benefits of attending this upcoming presentation include, learning about:

  • the fundamentals of the selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) analytical technique
  • how SIFT-MS compares with traditional GC-MS analytical methods used for cleanroom and product testing
  • how SIFT-MS delivers immediate analytical results for inorganic gases and VOCs, benefiting product quality and reducing frequency of maintenance and repair

SIFT-MS greatly simplifies cleanroom air quality monitoring for the semiconductor and related industries. This webinar will demonstrate how application of SIFT-MS:

  • delivers more frequent AMC data for each cleanroom sampling point, providing higher product yield and reduced maintenance and replacement frequencies for manufacturing infrastructure
  • simplifies and expands testing of FOUP and other storage/transport containers, improving product quality

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Published  Aug 31, 2017

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