Solution for extending the hydrocarbon range of TO-17 in soil gas analysis

by | May 2, 2019

Find out how a thermal desorption tube successfully accommodates the challenges of soil gas sampling and analysis

In this study, PerkinElmer, with assistance from CARO Analytical Services, has designed a new thermal desorption tube that successfully accommodates the challenges of soil gas sampling and analysis while outperforming the regulatory criteria a detection limits, accuracy and analyte range.

PE-soil-gas-analysisEPA Method TO-17 is used to quantitatively analyze toxic volatile compounds in air samples after these compounds have been collected onto sorbent tubes. The instruments used in this application were the PerkinElmer TurboMatrixThermal Desorber 650 (ATD), Clarus® 690 Gas Chromatograph (GC) and the Clarus SQ 8 Mass Spectrometer. 

Results for precision, linearity and reporting limits is excellent for all classes of compounds and out performs all regulatory requirements. The reporting limits are calculated using a 1 liter sample volume. The dynamic range achieved was four orders of magnitude across the target component list.

PerkinElmer SVI thermal desorption tubes in conjunction with EPA TO-17, to collect and analyze soil gas, is the most cost effective, accurate, and precise technique available today.

About the author

Marotta_80Lee Marotta (Principal Field Application Specialist. PerkinElmer, Shelton, CT, USA)
Lee Marotta began her career at Exxon Corporate Research as a gas chromatographer in 1988. Since Exxon, Lee has been with PerkinElmer for over 25 years as a Field Application Scientist, developing methods for gas chromatography, working with customers across environmental, industrial and food applications.  

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